The VBT’s Institute of Library and Information Science is providing professional education to meet the needs of the global information society. The faculty of Library and Information Science contributes individual strengths to increase the quality of teaching, research, and services that will maintain the department as a center of excellence.

The Department of Library and Information Science aims to prepare Library and information professionals to demonstrate excellent in leadership, service, research, and education in this technology-driven world.

The objectives of the department of Library and Information science, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, are…

1. To prepare students with the basic philosophy and ethics of librarianship.
2. To provide students with the theoretical understanding of Library and  information management  and subject analysis that leads to generation of interest in further development of this subject area.
3. To develop practical skills in the area of cataloguing and  classification of documents using  standard tools.
4. To provide students with the theoretical understanding of document description in the print  and digital format.
5. To prepare the students who can manage electronic resources and digital information.
6. To explain the students, theoretically and practically with the basics of computers, networks and major applications of existing and emerging technologies in libraries and information centers.
7. To develop students’ familiarity with various Reference and Information Sources including electronic resources and their evaluation; develop their skills for reference and information services.
8. To provide competencies to the students in becoming good librarians catering to the needs of the information society.

Career Opportunities:

Librarianship as a profession provides a variety of employment opportunities. Today there are a number of career prospects in Library and Information Science. The qualified professionals are employed in various libraries and information Centers. Trained library professionals can find opportunities for employment both as a teacher and as a Librarian. In fact, it is possible to choose the kind of library to suit one’s interest and background. In Librarianship, designations could be a Librarian, Documentation Officer, Assistant Librarian, Deputy Librarian, scientist (Library Science/ Documentation), Library and Information Officer, Knowledge Manager/ Officer, Information Executive, Director/Head of Library Services, Information Officer, and Information Analyst.

However, there is flexibility to explore a variety of careers such as a freelance information broker, library software marketing, database developer, Information officer, Internet trainer, Electronic resources librarian etc. Sky is the limit for deserving knowledgeable graduate/post graduate in LIS.